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Little Shasta Elementary

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Little Shasta Elementary School

Letter from Mr. Clark

T                   Little Shasta Elementary School - Est 1858

                           8409 Lower Little Shasta Rd. – Montague, Ca, 96064


             Little Shasta Elementary


 December 1, 2020

          The year 2020, will most certainly be one to be remembered. While many of those memories will be painful, I'm sure there will also be positive reflections on how people rose to the occasion. I think first of all the health care workers and people who hold essential jobs providing for the good of all. Working in education, of course I next think about all those teachers and staff across the nation that embraced "in-person" schooling. And naturally that leads me to think about the staff here at Little Shasta Elementary School. 

          From well before this school year started, the teachers worked overtime helping me to create a re-opening plan that would keep everyone safe and also give kids a well rounded, in class experience that was fun! We had to follow all the procedural requirements from public health to keep us safe but did not want masks to be the only thing the kids would remember.

          Working together as a team, the para-professionals and teachers have made daily instruction both intensive and exciting with numerous projects and activities. The After School Program continues in a tradition of wholesome and fun undertakings that keep kids engaged until pick-up time. In addition, the staff created theme based fun days around the holidays including our Halloween in school carnival and BBQ lunch and the super successful Thanksgiving feast. Every activity we plan is also based on the principles of good hygiene, social distancing and mask wearing.

          So I offer this as a hats off to my staff; teachers Mrs. Salvestro and Mrs. Robinson, Aide Kylee Kump and After School program Coordinator Ashley Pottenger. Together they make quite a team. 

          I also want to commend our parents and families who have weathered this storm right along with us. Thank you for putting up with all our new rules, keeping sick kids at home and supporting our efforts to stay open. Your support has meant the world to us! So as we prepare to leave 2020 behind us, let's also celebrate our collective accomplishments.


Todd Clark

Todd Clark – Superintendent

Little Shasta Elementary School



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