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Todd Clark

Principal Superintendent
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Telephone: (530) 459-3269
FAX: (530) 459-1619
Mailing address:  
8409 Lower Little Shasta Rd., 
Montague, CA 96064

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      Little Shasta Elementary School - Est 1858

September 15, 2020                                                                            Superintendent’s Update

          We continue to stay open as the Corona Virus is rapidly reaching the 200,000 death mark. It has been a very trying time, even in our remote and partially protected area. The subject of school openings or not and going to distance learning is a major topic on the nightly news.

          More than 500,000 children in the United States have been diagnosed with COVID-19, the American Academy of Pediatrics reported Tuesday, and the rate of new cases among kids continues to rise.

          From Aug. 20 to Sept. 3, there were 70,630 cases reported among children — an increase of 16 percent — bringing the national total to 513,415. As many as 103 children have died, according to the report. I repeat these statistics not to scare anyone but to emphasize how important I think it is to keep the students and the staff safe at my school. And so I ask all of you to remain patient with us as we continue to enforce the rules that allowed us to re-open in the first place, the rules that were absolutely required by the California Department of Public Health, the rules that are contained in our Reopening Plan. 

          The toughest rule will undoubtedly be the one requiring students and staff to stay at home for at least 10 days after exhibiting a fever of 100.4 or higher. I have double and triple checked this with my county office and local public health, it was not negotiable. We are prepared to provide immediate Independent study to any student in this situation so they don't fall behind. The only other alternative is to provide a negative Corona virus test but even that has to be approved by Siskiyou County Public Health.

          Students and staff with the other symptoms of cold, flu, vomiting etc. are required to stay home until 24 hours after all symptoms are gone. Basically we are to have only health people at school. Again, I didn't make this stuff up. It is the price we all have to pay to keep our school open. On a positive note, the kids are doing awesome. They are complying with all our requests and learning all the ways to stay safe at school. It has been so fun to have all he kids back at school again!



Todd Clark

Todd Clark


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