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Todd Clark

Principal Superintendent
Contact Information

Telephone: (530) 459-3269
FAX: (530) 459-1619
Mailing address:  
8409 Lower Little Shasta Rd., 
Montague, CA 96064

                       Current Events

      Little Shasta Elementary School - Est 1858

September 2021                                                                           Superintendent’s Update

          As we continue as a school, as a county, a state and a nation to struggle with this horrible pandemic, we have the same goal. To stay open, stay healthy and provide our students with a quality In-Person education. The COVID situation is worsening across our county and is affecting younger students much more with the Delta variant. As I am writing this, many of our neighboring schools have sent students home to quarantine, some the entire school.

          While we will do our best to stay open, it would only take one exposure to shut us down. We are preparing for this and will be ready if need be. We ask that everyone try their best to avoid exposure by wearing masks when in public places and please keep kids home if there are any signs of sickness. 

          These are tough times but we will get through it! Again, thanks for your continued support.



Todd Clark

Todd Clark


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