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Ms. Carolyn

Paraprofessional Art Instructor
Contact Information

Telephone: (530) 459-3269
FAX: (530) 459-1619
Mailing address:  
8409 Lower Little Shasta Rd., 
Montague, CA 96064

Dear Families and Students,

    Hello! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the sunshine.

   I have been busy making art packets for your kids and families and I hope everyone has been enjoying them! I have loved seeing your kids’ art and receiving updates! Times are tough so I hope artwork can help bring smiles and joy to your days.

    Please share with your kids how much I miss them and how proud I am of them and their hard work. I so much look forward to being at school with them again! I have lots of new ideas for art projects and I'm always looking forward to the next Wyland’s Mural project.

    Feel free to email me with any questions, artwork, or feedback so we all can stay connected. 

    Happy Drawing!

    ~Ms. Carolyn

    P.S. If you feel like trying a fun little activity ask your kids to teach you how to play “Ms.Carolyn’s favorite game” and have a blast!



Water Color



Wylands Art Contest Mural 2019
Grades 3-6 Mural
Grades K-2 Mural
Wylands National Art Contest Winner LSE 2017     "water Is Life"     
Art Friday
Winter Birds



Draw With Your Feet Challenge
A+ For Effort