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Mrs. Salvestro

                        Letter to Parents

Mrs. Salvestro’s Class 

Hello everyone!  Two weeks ago, I sent you all a letter with a “game-plan” for the remainder of the school year.  After some work, and lots of collaboration I have come up with a new and improved “game-plan” for our students.  Please review the following elements of our distance learning routine for the remainder of the 2019/20 school year:

  1. Students will continue to get their weekly packets for reading, spelling, handwriting, and math.  These can be picked up and dropped off each Tuesday.  Mr. Clark will be facilitating this process.  The packets will serve as the majority of the academic material that the students will need for the week. 
  2. Each Tuesday at drop off, there will be a Facetime lesson sign up sheet.  I will be doing 30-45 minute individualized lessons with each student.  Students can circle or save pages and problems that they need help with for their Facetime lesson with me.  My goal is to interact with, and help the students as much as needed and possible.
  3. I have created a class Facebook page.  You can find it by searching for Mrssalvestros Class on Facebook, or by clicking the Facebook icon on our school website.  I will be posting the following material on the Facebook page:
    1. Monday Social- I will post a short video with a conversation starter for the students.  They can comment or create a video in response to the weekly prompt.  My goal is to start the week with a fun and interactive activity that allows the kids to see their friends. 
    2. Tuesdays I will be posting weekly math lessons for both 1st and 2nd grade.  Check these out for some additional help with lessons.
    3. Wednesday-Friday- I will post stories, chapters from a book, or a joke.  Lighthearted material that will hopefully bring a smile to their faces during this crazy time. 
    4. Please note that the use of Facebook is not required for your student’s academic lesson plans.  I have taken the necessary steps to make our page as secure and safe as possible.  Unfortunately, in today’s world of technology and hackers, social media does have downfalls.  For this reason, please do not feel obligated to sign up if you are not comfortable.  I simply created this page so that I could share OPTIONAL tools, videos, and materials. 

Thank you all so much for your support and patience during this crazy time.  I look forward to working together to improve our distance learning schedule so that it best works for both students and parents.  Please feel free to call, text, or email me with any questions of concerns.  Stay healthy!


                                                                                                  Kayla Salvestro



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